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Mar 13, 2019

The Boys talk LA, LA vs NY, Matthew McConaughey, how time is a flat circle, and whether Carrie should've rented a stick shift or not (no she shouldn't have).

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S3 E13 - Carrie, Samantha and Miranda travel to Los Angeles. Carrie meets with actor and producer Matthew McConaughey to talk about optioning her columns to make a film. Miranda wrestles with the level of unabashed sexuality in Los Angeles. Charlotte uses the Internet to deal with Trey's impotence problem. Samantha meets a dildo model.


Cory Cavin (@corycavin)

Jon Sieber (@jonsieber)

Kevin James Doyle (@kevinjamesdoyle)


Voiceover by:

Katie Sieber (@katiejeanne18)


Steve Talk Theme by:

Ess See (@ess_see_nyc)


Produced by:

Jeremy Balon (@remybalon)

at Seltzer Kings Studios (@seltzerkings)