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Jul 19, 2019

The Boys welcome comedian and Sex and the City enthusiast, Emily Panic.  The boys chat about Emily's time working at St. Marks Comics, getting along with one's in-laws (Bunny), and running into an ex in NYC.

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S4 E5 -Carrie gets an invitation to the opening of Steve and Aidan's new bar, Scout. Miranda believes there is a ghost in her apartment. Charlotte butts heads with Trey's mother, Bunny, when redecorating their apartment. Samantha's girlfriend Maria gets fed up with the many men from Samantha's past.


Cory Cavin (@corycavin)

Jon Sieber (@jonsieber)

Kevin James Doyle (@kevinjamesdoyle)

Guest: Emily Panic (@aprettybigmouth)

Voiceover by:

Katie Sieber (@katiejeanne18)


Steve Talk Theme by:

Ess See (@ess_see_nyc)


Produced by:

Jeremy Balon (@remybalon)

at Seltzer Kings Studios (@seltzerkings)