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Aug 8, 2018

The Boys sit down with author, performer, and burlesque legend Jo Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. They talk about old seedy NYC, grown up circumcision, have another Steve Talk™️, and hear about the NYC burlesque scene from Jo. Check out Jo’s two books, “The Burlesque Handbook” and “FIERCE: The History Of Leopard Print”. This episode sponsored by Diaphragms, the #1 choice for 90’s TV contraception.

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S2E9 - "Old Dogs, New Dicks": Carrie tries to get Big to stop checking out other women when they're together. Miranda and Steve's opposite schedules become a problem. Samantha runs into an old hockey-player boyfriend who is now a blonde drag queen named Samantha. Charlotte is turned off when she dates a man who has not been circumcised; Carrie points out to Charlotte that 85% of men are not circumcised while Samantha claims to prefer uncircumcised men.

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Cory Cavin (@corycavin)

Jon Sieber (@jonsieber)

Kevin James Doyle (@kevinjamesdoyle)

Guest: Jo Weldon (@headmistressjo)


Voiceover by:

Katie Sieber (@katiejeanne18)


Produced by:

Jeremy Balon (@remybalon)

at Seltzer Kings Studios (@seltzerkings)