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Jul 26, 2018

The Boys sit down with NYC musical lyricist and playwright Rebecca Melocik who is a Sex and the City fan but also a BRADSHAW BOYS FAN! (We are very flattered.) They talk about Carrie's analytical dating process, how Mr. Big is a whale shark, and how The Boys all have wonderful fathers that would never harass a woman at a wedding unlike some other SATC side character dads. This episode is graciously sponsored by Diaphragms, the contraception of the 90s.

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S2 EP7 - "The Chicken Dance": Carrie gets fed up with Big's inability to pay attention to her. Miranda inadvertently sets her interior designer up with a long-distance would-be boyfriend, and they marry after only four weeks. Charlotte has a "warp speed" relationship with a guy she meets at the wedding. Samantha is upset when she experiences "déjà-screw": sleeping with a guy she previously did fifteen years ago.

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Cory Cavin (@corycavin)

Jon Sieber (@jonsieber)

Kevin James Doyle (@kevinjamesdoyle)

Guest: Rebekah Melocik (@greerling)


Voiceover by:

Katie Sieber (@katiejeanne18)


Produced by:

Jeremy Balon (@remybalon)

at Seltzer Kings Studios (@seltzerkings)