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Feb 22, 2018

In the premiere episode Cory, Jon and Kevin discuss their past-SATC experience, their expectations for the first episode, as well as any for the first season. After a screening the guys give their honest assessment and rate it using the Cosmo scale. 🍸-🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

Be sure to rate The Bradshaw Boys 5 stars on iTunes and we’ll know you actually mean 5 Cosmos.

S1 E1 - "Sex and the City": At a birthday party for thirty-something Miranda, Carrie and her friends vow to stop worrying about finding the "perfect" male and start having sex "like men". Carrie has several encounters with tycoon heartthrob Mr. Big. Miranda starts dating nice-guy Skipper Johnston. Charlotte goes on a date with Capote Duncan, but when she tells him she won't have sex with him, he goes to a club and winds up going home with Samantha.

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Cory Cavin (@corycavin)
Jon Sieber (@jonsieber)
Kevin James Doyle (@kevinjamesdoyle)

Voiceover by:
Katie Sieber (@katiejeanne18)

Produced by:
Jeremy Balon (@remybalon)
at Seltzer Kings Studios (@seltzerkings)